Games that help develop your kid’s mind while still being fun

The fine art of tying together learning and fun into one package. There are many classic games that have nailed this for kids. Kids will love these games and have for years. We tried to put this list together of classic thinking games that will also be compatible on modern devices like tablets and phones. Although, it is good to buy the classic board games to play with your kids at home and get the whole family involved.

Scrabble – The classic word game

If you haven’t heard of scrabble, then you have probably been living under a rock or are just way too young to have heard of it. This classic word game involves gaining points by creating words with the letter chips you are given. The player who scores the most points wins the games. This is one of those mind development games for kids that you should have at home, especially if you have young children. The most popular modern version of the game that can be found for almost every device is Words with Friends?

Battleship – Strategy based fun

One of the best mind development games for kids is the game battleship. At first it might not seem so, but this game is a logic based game. They will need to figure out where their opponent’s Battleships by process of elimination or by strategically pinpointing locations of where the opponent’s ships may be placed. Not to mention which ships their opponent still has in play. You can find of version of this classic game in the appstores for mobile phones and tablets. There are not official versions but still sum up the game nicely.

Jenga – Mastering patience

Jenga may not develop a specific set of skills but it definitely teaches patience and it is loads of fun. In this game, each player needs to remove a block during their turn, without making the tower fall. This game helps your child develop delicacy and patience because if they move too fast the tower will collapse. They should also build up a strategy to make it easier for the next person to knock down the tower during their turn. Unfortunately, they don’t have too many good versions of Jenga related apps. So, pick this one up from the store to play at home.

Playing games at home with your kids

Making available games that help your kids learn while having fun is good and a great thing to do for young kids. However, don’t neglect the value of getting involved and playing games with your kids at home. Games are not only healthy to develop their mind but also a good way to spend some quality family time together. Playing games together at home will also help your kids develop good sportsmanship and social skills. So, get together some good board games and sit down a couple of times a week for a family game night.